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Warmun Roadhouse


Service stations or roadhouses in remote areas have changed to offer a broad range of services. The Warmun Roadhouse is a good example of how these enterprises can now typically include a convenience store, fast food outlets, sit-down restaurant, accommodation choices, tourism outlet along with the expected unleaded petrol and diesel.


In the takeaway area you can purchase fresh rolls, sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, fish, chips, pies, cakes, coffee, tea and cool drinks. In our comfortable dine-in area, we serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.


Our general store section offers staple food items, such as milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, various household goods, laundry products, some auto essentials and general supplies for the traveller and camper.


Warmun Roadhouse also offers a selection of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Our Caravan Park offers a pool, and most sites are shaded. Relax in the park, have a barbeque under the trees, or head off to explore the local area!


We have fully self contained motel units with microwave and sink facilities, or standard rooms for two or three people. All motel rooms contain a fridge, air conditioner, TV and tea & coffee making facilities. Single bed dongas offer air conditioning, fridge, TV. Laundry facilities are accessible in the caravan park.

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